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17 Feb 2017

Hills Hawks Football Club plays in the Gladesville-Hornsby Football Association and has teams for all ages and abilities from ages 5 to over 45’s. Boys and girls are eligible to play together in the same competitions until 16 years. The age a child turns in the year of the competition is the age group in which they will play. All mini and junior games are played on Saturday mornings with seniors (U18 and over) playing most games on Saturday afternoon with about 20% played on Sundays. Training days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays at Hayes Park Galston. 

Hills Hawks FC also has an in-house competition option for our ladies and men’s - a six a side competition played each Saturday at our Hayes Park during the normal winter season. 

Club Strip

The Club’s colours are gold green and white. A playing jersey will be supplied by the Club at the start of each season and must be returned at the end of the season. New Under 6 players will receive a free Hills Hawks Bag, ball, shorts and socks. All other New Registered players will receive a free Hawks Bag. Additional gear is available for purchase. At all times when playing for Hills Hawks F.C players are required to wear the correct club gear. Playing jerseys are not supplied as part of the in house six side competition as these teams compete under fun alternative team names and colours.

Mini Football – Under 6 and 7

Under 6 and 7 are not graded and play in Small Sided Games (SSG), which focuses on skills development, friendship, teamwork and enjoyment of the game. The mini teams play non-competitive games against other GHFA Clubs playing 4 v 4, without goalkeepers.

Under 8 and 9

Under 8 and 9 play 7 v 7, including a goalkeeper, on a slightly larger field. Although still non-competitive with no points allocated. Hills Hawks FC does give boys and girls in Under 9’s the opportunity to nominate to be selected into a team where they will play against similarly skilled players and to nominate where they may want to play in a team with their friends.
Each year Hill Hawks runs a 6 to 8s Mini Gala Day which is open for all clubs in all associations to enter. It’s a day full of fun and footy for these age groups which historically we have had teams come from as far abroad as the central coat and the Southerland Shire the take part in the day.

Under 10 and 11

Under 10’s and 11’s play 9 v 9, including a goalkeeper, non-competitive football on a 70 x 45 metre field. Hills Hawks FC will begin grading players into similar skilled teams in the U8’s in preparation for competitive competition in U12.

Junior Competitive – Under 12 to Under 17

All Junior teams will be graded according to skill level so that they can play in similar skill level competitions where all rules of football will apply and will be played on full sized ovals.

Senior Competitive – Under 18, 21, All Age, 35’s & 45’s

The Senior teams are normally organised by themselves where mates play together in similar skill level competitive Divisions.


Grading dates will be advertised on the website at the start of each year. Times and locations and will be managed by the grading committee, who will have the final decision on the makeup of the teams. Any concerns should be addressed with the Vice President Competition and Vice President Minis accordingly. There will be additional grading sessions if the grading committee feel it is necessary. The club’s grading policy is available on the club’s website.

All Age, 35’s, 45’s and social six a side teams will organise their own teams, and set their own training times

Premier League

The Premier League squad is selected by the Premier League coaches. Try-out sessions will be advertised on the website each year.

All our committee, team coaches and team managers are usually parents of players and volunteers with a common passion for this local football club. Have a great season and remember always check our website and Facebook Page for up to date information.

The Hills Hawks Football Club Committee
Ian Robertson    HHFC Club President 

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