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Affiliated Association Sub-Committee

31 Jan 2017

Terms of Reference

1. Why Change

• Determine the benefits (or otherwise) of affiliating with Hills Football Inc
(HFI) instead of with GHFA.
• Consult with players, parents, members and any other relevant parties as
required for their input
• Report back to Committee by 31/3/17 with recommendation and seek their
approval or otherwise

2. Identify Issues

• If recommendation is to affiliate with HFI and this is endorsed by the
Committee proceed as follows
• Identify all issues which need to be resolved prior to affiliating with HFI to
ensure that HHFC has the same football
benefits/capabilities/privileges/entitlements (on and off the field) after
affiliating with HFI as it currently has with GHFA affiliation

3. Resolve Issues

• Undertake all necessary work to resolve all identified issues.
• Liaise with all relevant bodies (i.e. HFI, GHFA, HSC, FNSW, etc) as required.

4. Go Ahead

• Provide Committee with all necessary input to allow HFI affiliation to proceed
once all issues are resolved.
• Ensure all unresolved issues are brought to the attention of the Committee.

5. Provide Committee with regular progress report.

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