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Reports need to be submitted by 5:00pm Sunday to avoid GHFA fines being incurred by the club. If you wish, you can submit the report in two parts: all details except commentary by 5:00pm and the commentary by the following Wednesday.

Match scores and commentary entered in this page will NOT be included in the monntly newsletter and are not displayed in the match table in your dedicated team page.
Scores entered here are less conveniently compiled for the club volunteer who submits results to the association resulting in more work for them.
Only match scores and commentary entered via your team page will be included in the newsletter and your team page.
All team pages have now been configured. This page is only intended to be used until you have access to your dedicated team page.
Please follow the instructions at the bottom of this page on how to access your team's page.
Recent match creation issue
Some people reported experiencing an issue when creating a new match from the team page - this has now been fixed. You are now able to create matches without any issues. Please feel free to report any issues with the website via the new link in the 'Contact' menu - 'Website Questions/Issues/Suggestions'
Automatic match fixture creation
You will notice that this week's and next weeks matches have been automatically imported from the GHFA fixtures data.
The upcoming game will always appear expanded and with a green background so that it's easy for your team members to recognize.
Automatically added match fixtures appear with a 'unverified' warning pending verification by the team manager/coach. After verifying that the details of an automatically added fixture are correct use the drop down menu on the fixture to 'verify' the fixture details. The 'Unverified' warning will then dissappear and your team members can be confident that the correct details for the game are correct.
Match details and team announcements
Encourage your team members to view the website to get the verified match fixture details and also click the join button so that you can broadcast announcements to all members of the team (eg. training time changed, game cancellations etc.).

Your name
Your email
The name of our team that played eg., U11/2
Opposition club name eg., North Epping Rangers
eg. win, loss, draw, we forfeited, they forfeited, cancelled

Match Score

WARNING Only scores entered via your team page will appear on your team page and in the club newsletter
WARNING Only commentary entered via your team page will appear on your team page and in the club newsletter
Please note

This form is intended only as a "fallback" match reporting facility at the beginning of a season until teams have been configured on the website.

Please locate your team page via the 'Competitions' link in the main menu and then click the button to request to be added as team manager or coach.

Once you have received the email to say your role request has been granted you should submit your match reports from your own team page.

With these new roles you will also be able to perform other team management tasks like:
  • setting up future match details
  • communicating with team parents/guardians players
  • configuring the team info panel to include useful information like training day(s)/times

When you submit match reports via your own team page the results and commentary will be displayed there and will be automatically included in the club magazine.

For more info see the Coaches/Managers Site Help page

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