U6 to U8

Under 8 North/Orange

Aug 2018
9:30 AM

Win(5-0) against Thornleigh SC

Hayes Park No. 4

Round 18 vs Thornleigh

The last match of the season demonstrated the skills the team have learnt. Great goals by Jake C and Jake A, including a beautiful flying cross that caught the top of the net, showed how well they have developed as strikers.
POTW Ben for great sportsmanship.

Jul 2018
8:30 AM

Win(2-0) against Normanhurst FC

Hayes Park No. 4

Round 16 VS Normanhurst FC

A good performance by the team with improved passing. Player of the week was Jake A with a great goal and some excellent crosses to team mates in the goal.

Jun 2018
8:30 AM

Win(3-2) against Beecroft FC

Ron Payne 3

Round 13 vs Beecroft FC

A great display of teamwork and skill in a hard fought match. A brilliant pass across goals by JD assisted Jake C in scoring the first goal of the match. Jake C followed up with another goal in the first half with Ben keeping out several goal attempts as Goalkeeper. Beecroft dominated the early part of the 2nd half scoring 2 goals but the team rallied in defence to hold off any further points. A beautiful run up right field with a flying goal by Jake A secured the match. POTW went to Aarin who has really improved his passing skills this season.

Jun 2018
9:30 AM

Win(4-0) against Pennant Hills FC

Hayes Park No. 4

Round 12 vs Pennant Hills FC

The team dominated this game with a majority of possession and cracking goals from Andrew, Jake A and Jake C. Player of the week was Ashton who did a great job in goals 1st half and found the gaps to be open for passing in the 2nd half.

May 2018
8:30 AM

Loss(1-6) to Roselea FC B

Hayes Park No. 5

Round 8 vs Roselea FC b

A tough match against an experienced Roselea team. The team put in a good effort with some excellent saves in goal by Jake C. and JD. Player of the week was Ben with his consistent effort in passing and working as a team.

May 2018
11:30 AM

Win(2-1) against Normanhurst FC

Hayes Park

Round 7 vs Normanhurst

A solid win this week with a good combination of individual skill and improving teamwork. Great defence by Cian and Andrew as Goalkeepers this week. A brilliant long range goal by Matty earned him POTW.
The team really enjoyed being HHFC Team of the Week.

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May 2018
9:30 AM

Draw(2-2) with Roselea FC

Hayes Park

Round 6 vs Roselea FC

A fast moving game that kept the team on their toes. Great goalkeeping from Matthew and Aarin and a goal each for Jake A. and JD. POTW - Jayden.

May 2018
8:30 AM

Draw(1-1) with Redbacks FC

View Street West Pennant Hills

Round 5 vs Redbacks FC

A hard fought and competitive match. Ben did a great job in goals in the first half, while Jake C earned POTW for his consistent effort and goal.

Apr 2018
8:30 AM

Loss(1-2) to Beecroft FC

Ron Payne

Round 4 vs Beecroft FC

An outstanding display of determination and team work. Even though we only fielded 6 players the whole team worked incredibly hard in the rain and dominated play for most of the game. A lucky goal in the final seconds gave the win to Beecroft, but the team should be proud of their efforts. POTW Andrew who never stopped running the whole game.

Apr 2018
8:30 AM

Win(8-3) against Pennant Hills FC

Hayes Park

Round 3 vs Pennant Hills FC

The team really worked on improving their passing skills this week with all players being more aware of their team mates and calling out for the ball. In her first season and only her 3rd game Lucy has worked hard to improve her skills and earnt POTW with her first goal and some good defence as goalkeeper. Well done team!

Apr 2018
8:30 AM

Draw(7-7) with WPH Cherrybrook FC

Hayes Park

Round 2 vs WPH Cherrybrook

With a Bye in the first week this was a solid first game for the team. An early goal by Jake A set the tone with his 7 goals earning him POTW. Great goal attempts in the first half by Lucy with good support from Andrew, JD and Ben. Matthew had some good saves as goalie for the first time, with Cian and Ashton also working hard at defence. Great work team!

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