U6 to U8

Under 7 North/White

Jun 2018
9:30 AM

Win(5-0) against Roselea FC a

Hayes Park No. 5

A win, lots of goals and great sportsmanship

What a game on Saturday for U7 Whites! The team were pumped for their home game against Roselea and the parent supporters were out in full force! As is becoming the norm Jack led the charge with an early goal, quickly followed by Alex and another from Jack. 3-0 at half time and still all to play for. Eli, Maddison and Sophie were solid in defense and clearing kicks out of the opponents goal area. Eli in particular saved a number of goals and is proving to be a very useful defender and reader of the game. Olivia once again showed how much she has improved over the season with some great tackling and clearing the ball. The second half of the match saw another great goal from Jack (another match hat-trick!!) and in the dying minutes of the game the supporters were gifted with a lovely display of sportsmanship and team work from Alex and Olivia. Charging towards the goal with a loose ball and no defenders in sight Alex became aware of Olivia behind him in support. A couple of metres from the goal he stopped the ball dead with his foot and yelled to his team mate to "take a shot". Olivia bulleted the ball into the back of the net for her first goal of the season. The parents and in particular our coach were so heartened to see such an exhibition of sportsmanship and team work. Olivia received a well deserved Player of the Match and Alex received a good number of pats on the back and a big hug from a very teary yet proud grandma. What a fabulous little team - we are so proud of them.

Jun 2018
8:30 AM

Forfeit (by opposition) from WPH Cherrybrook FC

Campbell Pk. M2

A no show by WPH!

Sadly our opponent team didn't turn up for our match on Saturday morning....it was either the the light drizzle and cold that scared them off or the prospect of taking on the mighty U7 Whites! Despite the no show we played a friendly against a Normanhurst team who were also looking for their opponents! It was a great little game and our team did fantastically well taking home a friendly win and getting some great practice in. Some near misses at goal by Olivia kept the crowd on the edge of their seats - great all round play from everyone. Lots of goals from Eli, Alex and Jack and some sound defensive work from Maddison and Sophie. Fingers crossed we get a team brave enough to play us next week!

Jun 2018
8:30 AM

Loss(1-4) to Beecroft FC a

Hayes Park No. 5

A tough morning

U7 Whites struggled against tough opposition on Saturday morning at Hayes Park. We managed a single goal from the boot of Alex but our real challenge lay in defense. The Beecroft team were a strong side and we were grateful for the defense of Eli and Alex in making the score line a lot easier to take. Eli saved many opponents goals from hitting the back of our net and our team rallied together for a final score of 1-4. A lot to work on in training this week to ready us for next weeks match.

May 2018
9:30 AM

Win(7-3) against Normanhurst B

Normanhurst Oval

An U7 "white" wash!

Some tremendous play by U7 White on Saturday as they warmed up for Gala day. Normanhurst out forward a strong side but it wasn't enough to compete with the mighty striking power of Jack and Alex. Olivia, Maddison and Sophie supported in defense with some great tackling and pressure on the opponents. Olivia struck a rogue ball and it missed the goal by a few centimetres - we all held our breath and cheered her brilliant effort. Player of the match was Eli with his consistent play and being a great all-rounder. On to Gala day!!!

May 2018
8:30 AM

Win(8-1) against Thornleigh SC c

Hayes Park

A stellar performance!

The U7 Whites made us all very proud on Saturday morning at Hayes Park with a tremendous victory against Thornleigh C. We had a full team and all the players were on top form. 4 goals from Eli, 2 from Jack and 2 from Alex secured the win for the team but the real joy was watching the team work together and pass to each-other in a demonstration of great team work. Shannon's training sessions have paid off as the team called for the ball and made some fantastic passes to each-other. All members of the team got involved and contributed to an exciting match. Olivia, Sophie and Maddison were excellent in defense and supporting the team in some strategic moves. The improvement in all the players at this point of the season is definitely recognisable. We are all very proud of our team and are looking forward to the rest of the season ahead.

May 2018
8:30 AM

Loss(1-3) to Thornleigh SC b

Hayes Park

So proud of our guys! Go Whites!

The U7 Whites braved the cold and a bit of rain on Saturday morning at Hayes Park and despite an overall loss to Thornleigh spirits remained high - especially amongst the sideline parents who were in full throated support of our little champions.
Due to some illness there were no substitutions to be had for the match and our team did great to play the whole game. Alex tapped into some energy reserves to play a fantastic game covering the whole pitch with attack and defensive moves. He scored one goal and saved many others. Olivia made some wonderful clearance kicks and sprints down the wing - we were all so proud of her. Sophie got herself fully involved in some tackling and great supportive play. Player of the match went to Maddison who had her match of the season so far. She saved a number of goals from hitting the back of the net and provided great sweeper support throughout the match. A well deserved trophy for Maddison.




May 2018
9:30 AM

Win(3-2) against Thorleigh SC a

Hayes Park

Last minute victory!

A tough game for our U7 Whites this week. Two goals by half time from Alex and Jack gave us the advantage going into the oranges and water break. However Thornleigh came back fighting in the second half to make it 2-2. Looking like it was going to be a draw in the dying minutes Jack pulled the winning goal out for an overall victory of 3-2. Some fantastic team work, especially passing and calling for the ball across the whole team. Great team! Thanks to our coach and parents who help out every week.

Apr 2018
8:30 AM

Win(12-2) against Epping B

Hayes Park

Momentous Victory!

A fabulous scoreline to go with a beautiful morning at our home-ground on Saturday. Jack and Alex dominated the goal scoring with 5 and 7 goals each. Olivia, Maddie and Eli provided fantastic defense support for the entire match. Our opponents were very gracious in their defeat and our team made some kind substitutions in the second half to give them a chance at goals. A great way to start the day and we are all looking forward to next week and the rest of the season.

Apr 2018
8:30 AM

Loss(0-8) to Beecroft B

Hayes Park

You win some you lose some!

Spirits remained high despite fierce opposition on Saturday. Brilliant team and defense work from the U7 Hawks but goals eluded our wonderful players this week. Well done to all who played, kept going to the end and remained good sportsmen/women throughout. Character building stuff! Looking forward to the next match.

Apr 2018
9:30 AM

Win(3-1) against Roselea

Hayes Oval No.5

Under 7 White Victory!!

An Excellent First game for all our first timers. The girls and boys all tackled very well and defended their goal with ferocity!
Alex scored the first goal with a long run and shot at goal
Jack scored our second goal with a long range shot. Great shot Jack! Our third goal again was scored by Alex. There were some close calls for more goals but all shots went wide. Our defending was very good today. Well done all!

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