Jun 2018
9:30 AM

Win(5-2) against Ryde Panthers FC

Hayes Park No. 4

Winner Winner Jacob needs to buy pizza for Dinner

Top team effort. Skill shown all over the park. Cooper scored a long range goal from half way. Team tried their best to get the ball back in the middle in front of the oppositions goal. Our defensive rock Poppy took it to all attackers and went on an impressive run up the middle to score her first goal of the season.

We are all proud of the improvement week to week. They all love turning up to play.

Jun 2018
9:30 AM

Win(2-1) against Epping FC

Hayes Park No. 4


Oops, the manager missed the only win so far. Poppy and Abby were defensive rocks in goals. Amy booted her first goal and cooper curved one in over the keeper. The parents tell me team work was the key. Well done girls and boys.

Jun 2018
8:30 AM

Draw(4-4) with Macquarie Dragons FC

Fontenoy No. 5


We led for most of the match, then they led for the last few minutes until Abby scored the equalizer. Getting better each game now. special mention to sonny for his long range bomb and also Amy for her awesome pass to score to level to scores

May 2018
9:30 AM

Draw(0-0) with North Ryde SC

Hayes Oval

Getting Better

Great defensive effort by 3 different goalies. We had a few chances to convert but the shots just missed the mark. Getting better as a team.

May 2018
10:30 AM

Draw(4-4) with Macquaire ParkPanthers

Fontenoy 4

Awesome Effort

Great job by the team this week. Each game our skills improve and we are getting better with our positions. Great goal keeping by Poppy in the first half, as we found ourselves out of position a few times. Poppy attacked the strikers with no fear, and for that effort she was awarded our player of the week. Also it's the first time since round 1 that we scored some goals and it was great to see plenty of smiles. Well done team!

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