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Season 2018

7 Apr

West Ryde Rovers Loss

14 Apr

Macquarie Dragons Win

28 Apr

Pennant Hills Draw

5 May

Redbacks FC Win

12 May

WPH Cherrybrook FC Loss

19 May

North Ryde SC Loss

26 May

West Ryde Rovers FC Loss

2 Jun

Macquarie Dragons FC Loss

9 Jun

Bye Win

16 Jun

Pennant Hills FC Win

23 Jun

Redbacks FC Draw

30 Jun

WPH Cherrybrook FC (result pending)

7 Jul

North Ryde SC (result pending)

21 Jul

Redbacks FC (result pending)
28 Jul Bye No match

4 Aug

Pennant Hills FC (result pending)

No upcoming game to show for this team.


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Match reports

Jun 2018
11:30 AM

Draw(4-4) with Redbacks FC

Hayes Park No.1

Match Report

We were unlucky to come away with a win.

The first 15 minutes of the game saw us concede two goals with a lack of commitment evident as we gave our opponent all the time they required to score. This was embarrassing to watch, given our superb performance the previous week. Basic ball control was an issue and our error rate was far too high.

Fortunately our forward line up was awake and were able to pepper the keeper with shots, although frustratingly we could not capitalise on the loose ball in front of the goal.

We started the second half trailing by a goal and with some position changes on field we were able to get ourselves back into the game.

A controversial decision by the oppositions "club" referee saw a cracking goal which rebounded off the crossbar disallowed which would have squared up the result with around 15 minutes to spare.

Our equaliser came with 5 minutes left on the clock, however we were beaten by the clock.

We were lucky to walk away with the draw and also unlucky to not have had a win....

Jun 2018
8:30 AM

Win(3-1) against Pennant Hills FC

Hayes Park No.2

Match Report

Arguably the best performance of the season, we came away with a 3-1 win.

The girls came out firing and hungry for a win and it showed! Tenacious on the field, we were quick to the ball and controlled the game from beginning to end.

Unlucky to concede a goal in the first half from a breakaway attack, the girls didn't let this upset their attacking momentum.

We found a break in their defence in the first half to bag a goal and even up the score. A good outcome by half time to keep us in touch.

The second half saw the girls come out charging again but working smarter to put pressure on our opponents defence and create opportunities on goal.

The payback came with a fantastic attacking run from halfway off a ball that was passed beautifully from our midfield. A magnificent feint on the keeper saw the ball smashed into the back of the net for what was (in my opinion) the goal of the season!

The third goal was played brilliantly struck into the back of the net from an equally brilliant chip off a loose ball picked up by our defence.

A fantastic result which rewarded the effort put in by all the girls today. Well done!

May 2018
11:30 AM

Loss(0-4) to North Ryde SC

Hayes Park No 2

19 May 2018

Another tough game for us with the girls losing 4-Nil.

With 2 of our girls out due to injury, we managed to keep the deficit to 1-NIL with North Ryde scoring a scrappy and somewhat lucky goal against us.

The second half saw North Ryde put 3 goals away to go up 4-Nil, with one of their goals scored directly from a free kick outside of our box.
Despite our best defensive efforts the goals was slotted away outside of the reach of keeper in what was a pretty impressive goal.

We had a few challenges on their goal, however our opponents defence was difficult to break. We couldn't match their speed.

Much to work on at training. If we get back to basics and use our heads we can improve on this result in round 2.

May 2018
9:30 AM

Loss(2-5) to WPH Cherrybrook FC

Hayes Park No 2

WPH Match Report

It was always going to be a tough game and unfortunately the result didn't go our way however the girls didn't give up the fight despite the result.

We managed to build some good attacking plays against WPH, however our opponents defence was tight and limited our opportunities on their goal.

The first half we trailed by 2-1, however a couple of quick goals against us put us back under pressure. To our credit, we held our opposition to 5 goals. It could've been far worse!

Unfortunately we lost Ruby S to a nasty knee injury (and wish her a speedy recovery) and had no reserves. This did us no favours as the pace of the game was quick and we were fast running out of steam!
WPH had 3 reserves which they used effectively throughout the game.

We showed determination and grit by bagging another goal in the last 10 minutes and put solid pressure on their defence but the clock was against us.

We may have been outgunned this round but I'm confident we'll give them a good run in the second round!

Apr 2018
9:45 AM

Draw(1-1) with Pennant Hills


Apr 2018
8:30 AM

Loss(2-8) to West Ryde Rovers


Match Report

When we talk about match preparation and getting ready for a game, we often focus on the physical aspect such as stretching, sprinting and touches on the ball.

What is often overlooked is the mental aspect of our game. That is the desire and passion within ourselves to be the better team.

Every game we need to be mentally focused. We need to playing every game as if it were the grand final and put in 110% for the full 60 minutes.

We gave away the opportunity to control the game in the first half as we played like a team who were already beaten and conceded 2 goals for our effort. It was disappointing to watch.

Fortunately our second half saw a massive turnaround where we lifted our game and played with commitment and passion which resulted in us scoring in the first few minutes.

Ultimately we lost 5-2, but fought hard until the end.

Let's bring this second half energy to the next game and prove that we are the better team!


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