May 2018
10:45 AM

Loss(1-3) to Epping Eastwood FC



Today we played our last game in Division 2. Thankfully the GHFA have recognised that our team was incorrectly graded in this division and have agreed to move us to Division 3, which should allow us the opportunity for a fairer, more even competition.

That being said, our team played well to keep the score to a respectable 1-3 (Loss), with the team managing to work together into an attacking position allowing James to pop a goal in, in the second half.

I am proud of our team, as I am sure all the parents are, for such a gallant effort made by the players in the first 6 games of the season, in the face of stiff competition.

A big shout out also must be made to Tim (our Coach) who has been faced with an ever changing team of new players, players away and borrowed players, to lead them through the minefield of Division 2 to date.

Heres to looking onwards and upwards for the remainder of the season.

Apr 2018
8:30 AM

Forfeit (by opposition) from Ryde Saints United FC

Smalls Rd Reserve No. 1

Under 13/2s

Game forfeited by Ryde Saints, due to lack of players to field a team.

Apr 2018
8:30 AM

Loss(0-8) to WPH Cherrybrook FC

Hayes No. 2

Under 13/2s

This week, we were up against a far superior team. Credit paid where credit due!

The positive aspect we can take out of this game is that we have found many areas that we can work on at training and improve for next week's game. Playing difficult games provides challenges for our players that we would not have access to if we were in a lower grade and allows the team to grow into better players.

Remembering our positions, marking our opposition players and playing as a team, not as individuals, will allow us to become a better, more formidable team overall.

There are two quotes by Md Ali that are worth noting:


"It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it's the pebble in your shoe."

It's always the little things that we fail to notice, the little things that trip us up. Keep an eye on the details as well as the big picture. Ali did--and look at the amazing results.

and secondly:

"If my mind can conceive it, if my heart can believe it--then I can achieve it."

When there's a will, there's a way. Ali's success was, without a doubt, a concrete indication that our dreams can always come true, so as long as we believe in them ourselves.

Keep your chins up team. We can do this!

Apr 2018
11:30 AM

Loss(2-4) to All Saints Hunters Hill

Gladesville Reserve, Huntley's Point

Under 13/2s

With 3 players out due to illness, injury or holidays, we were grateful for the support from our four borrowed players, Sam, Ruby, Maddie and Rose.

The team took a little while to get to know each other and gel as a team in the first half of the game, which saw the opposition score 3 quick goals.

The second half, saw our team really start to play well together with some good positional play. Diego managed some fancy footwork with a terrific cross from the left hand sideline, to set up our first goal by Kye, who finished it of in great style.

The mids and backs gave great support moving the ball forward which allowed our team to score a second goal, again thanks to Kye.

It was a great effort by all. Good work team.

Apr 2018
9:30 AM



Under 13/2s - 1st Game of 2018 Season

The under 13/2s did a great job today. With 50% of the team being new players to the team and club and only one trial game under their belt, the boys felt every minute of the 1st half, with the Gladesville Sharks scoring 4 unanswered goals.

The second half was definitely the Hawks'. After a pep talk from the Coach, the boys dug deep to score 3 goals to 2, as the result of a great team effort.

Ethan, having been brought up from Defence (a position he held all last year) to Striker, scored 2 of the team's 3 goals, with Kye being our other super goal scorer.

Also a special mention has to be made for Connor, who after being injured and taken off the field for a short while to ice a knee injury, returned in fantastic style to save an opposition goal with a great header.

The team managed to keep the score to a respectable (3-6) with many more goals being saved by our goalies putting their bodies on the line.

Good work 13/2s. What a fabulous job. It just shows that when working as a team, you can achieve great things.

We can't wait for the next game against All Saints Hunters Hill next week.

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