History of Hills Hawks Football Club

Early in 1969, Margaret Cusworth, Lee Kars and Beryl Peebles were talking outside the Galston shops. “I wanted my boys to play a team sport, but I didn’t like the idea of rugby league,” remembers Beryl Peebles. “I was saying how I was thinking about getting them to join a soccer team in Kenthurst, when Lee told me to hold off until she had a chat with her husband.”

Lee’s husband at the time, John Kars, had played soccer since the 1940s. “In 1949, while living in Sydney, I was involved in the formation of the Dutch soccer club, Sydney Austral,” he says. “I played for three years as a striker for that club.”

John decided to go and talk to the Hills District Memorial Club (HDMC) – a sub-branch of the Hills District RSL, originallyformed in 1934. The HDMC had been deliberately not set up as an RSL club in order to allow all sections of the community to participate in its operation.

In March of the year before, the HDMC had finally opened a licensed club on the site of the old Galston Unity Hall – where the Club had held many social functions since renovating the Hall in 1956. (This is the present-day Galston Club.)

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